From an early age, Kevin had the dream to become a great singer songwriter and performer. a lot of Practice, a strong will and a powerful self belief steered him to the right path. Listen to the new songs and to the old productions below and contact us if you have some questions about booking Kevin Rabemanisa.

Tiako ianao - Kevin Rabemanisa - Reko Cover
Kevin Rabemanisa - Gravity (John Mayer Cover)
NEED YOU TONIGHT- JP Cooper feat Ray BLK - Cover (Kevin & Rudy Rabemanisa)
Kevin Rabemanisa - Till The Sunrise (Official Video)
Kevin Rabemanisa - Believe
Better Times ahead - Stand strong


From His Homeland "Madagascar" to Germany, Kevin Rabemanisa discovered a new possibility to share his talent and his music. He started busking on Europe's big cities streets like Hamburg, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hannover, Freiburg, Borkum,... The people love and enjoy how he performs famous songs in his own style. He got booked for different public and private events. During his career, Kevin could and is still sharing stories and good feeling to his audience and every person who enjoy listening music. Parallel to it he keeps working on his own songs to tell his own story and hopefully change others lives.


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Fössestraße 14, 30451 Hannover

+49 (0) 15731884175

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